How Kids Can Help

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Kids can make a huge difference in the health and beauty of their community.

Just For Kids

Would you like to live in a more beautiful world that's cooler in the summer, too? Guess what? You can and all of us can if we're all willing to help a little. All it takes is a some of your time and care to help grow a prettier, greener, and healthier neighborhood, school, or community.

You can help make the world and your community a better place. Our City Forest can show you how. Our City Forest is a group of people who are working to help people make their communities better by creating forests in the city. The Our City Forest people are great with trees. They know how to plant and care for trees and can teach you how, too. Then, you can be a pioneer in your community by helping plant and grow a forest in your city!

Our City Forest has in-school and after-school activities for kids who want to help
by planting and caring for trees in their neighborhoods and schools. Kids can


kids get involved

Help your community grow healthier and cooler by volunteering to grow an urban forest in your neighborhood.

Organize a tree planting for your school

Help coordinate a tree care work day for your neighborhood

Identify the trees in your schools and neighborhoods

Raise seedlings to trees for Our City Forest plantings

Take "before and after" photographs of tree planting sites

Organize a fundraiser to buy trees for your school

Create a student club to sponsor a planting project

Be a "Tree Advocate" to help sick or abused trees

Hold an Earth Day rally in April

Arrange for a visit from the "Big, Green Oxygen Machine"

Check out our Planet Tree Youth Education Programs for more information on presentations, assemblies and activities


You can make a HUGE difference in the health and appearance of your community. Our City Forest can help you to make your school or neighborhood a better place. For more information, get permission from your parent to call or have your parent or teacher call Our City Forest at (408) 99-TREES.

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