Removing A ReddyTM Stake

When your tree is approximately 3 years old, it may be time to remove your ReddyTM Stake. To know if it is ready for removal, firmly grasp the base of the trunk and shake the trunk. If the rootball or ground moves as you shake the tree, then the stake is NOT ready to be removed. If the tree is rooted in the ground, the soil will not move when you shake the tree.


Steps to Remove A ReddyTM Stake

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    Handy Tools: Wrench, Shovel, Pruners/Scissors, Gloves


Stake Removal Step1

stake step1

Cut the plastic zip ties that are cinched around the green tubing forming an X. (Do not cut the green tubing—it’s reusable!)

Stake Removal Step2

stake step2

Twist and pull the green tubing off the ends of the ‘T’ bar and set aside. 

Stake Removal Step3

stake step1

Loosen the nut on the end of the ‘T’ bar with a wrench and slide the ‘T’ bar up the stake and over the top of the stake to remove it.

Stake Removal Step4

stake step1

Pry the ‘L’ bar up and out of the the ground with the circular end of the ‘T’ bar or a pick axe. (If you do not see the ‘L’ bar or the tab, you may need to dig a little to expose the top of the ‘L’ bar.) Set the ‘T’ bar aside


Stake Removal Step5

stake step1
Insert the long end of the ‘L’ bar through the hole towards the top of the stake and twist counterclockwise. If the ‘L’ bar gets too high to reach, place the ‘L’ bar in the hole in the tab of the stake. Continue twisting the stake until you can pull it out of the ground.


stake step6

Backfill the hole that you created by removing the stake. This will prevent air and bacteria from accessing the roots and causing disease.

stake step7

Be careful of the collected rain water in the stake. You can empty the stake water on the tree, but be careful, it may stain your sidewalk.

stake step8

Return the ReddyTM Stake to Our City Forest’s office between 9 AM - 5 PM. For directions, please call: (408)99-TREES x 118.



Click here for a printable (PDF) version of this information

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