Hazardous Tree Awareness

Early warning signs can alert you to a potentially hazardous situation. Keep an eye out for the following indications that you should call an arborist, or tree expert:

  • Smaller leaf size, change in leaf color or fewer leaves

  • Dead, dying or diseased branches

  • Missing bark or damage to the trunk, including cracks

  • Insects or damage from pests

  • Mushrooms or other fungal fruiting bodies on the trunk, near the base of the trunk or on the roots

  • Old wounds that seem wet or ooze

  • A noticeable lean that does not correct itself

  • Lifted ground on one side of the tree

    You should always contact an arborist if you plan on doing any type of construction or trenching under the canopy of a tree. And remember, you must obtain a permit before pruning, removing or planting a tree in your park strip. For more information, call the City of San José Arborist office at (408) 794-1901.

    For help finding a professional arborist (tree expert) to inspect your tree, contact (408) 998-7337 x111. Our City Forest can help provide local resources and answer your tree care questions.

    Those concerned about the risk of falling trees may be relieved to read the following UK statistic. From the February 2009 edition of Arborist News: "an average of 6 deaths per year in a population of 60 million people equals the risk of one per ten million persons being killed by a falling tree."

    Proper tree care can help prevent some potentially hazardous issues. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of tree care, click here.

    Please visit the the City of San José website for more information.

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