Caring For Your Tree

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Caring for your trees, especially during the first three years of its life, is an important part of building a sustainable urban forest. Trees growing in an urban environment must face many additional challenges that they otherwise would not have to deal with growing in a natural setting.  For young trees to grow properly, they need a few crucial resources.  The following information can help you keep your tree healthy and happy. 

See our general guide for tree care tips

Tree Watering

Watering your tree properly can promote healthy and effective growth. Watering a tree is different than watering most plants because it requires deep root watering as opposed to surface watering (such as using sprinkler systems). The tree's roots spread out towards water sources to bring water to the entire tree. Deep watering promotes growth outward and deeper in the soil, which creates a more established and solid foundation. It also helps prevent roots from surfacing and destroying pavement or structures.  Sprinkler systems can make the roots grow towards the surface as they try to find water.

See our Tree Watering Instructions page for detailed information about how to properly water your tree.


Tree Staking

Staking a young tree is an important step in the tree planting process. It helps support the tree during harsh weather and guides it into the best direction to prosper and avoid obstructions. Our City Forest provides either 2 or 3 wood stakes or 1 green metal ReddyTM Stake with each tree to provide temporary support while the tree becomes established.

See our full guide on tree staking for detailed information.

See our full guide on when and how to remove your stake when the it is time.

Tree Pruning
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Pruning helps maintain a tree throughout it's lifetime.  Pruning can help a tree establish a better overall structure, promote upwards growth, prevent disease and decay, and allow for easier maintainance. Find out more using the following pages:

• How to Prune Your Tree

• Tree Pruning Permits

Topping Kills Trees!  See our Tree Removal & Pruning page on why topping can kill your tree.


Tree Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree if it is diseased, dying, or in a position to do so. There are proper ways to remove a tree and is required by law to obtain a permit to do it properly.  Click here to find out more about removing your tree.


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