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Tree Grant Application Process

To obtain a tree, submit an application using the following submission options:

If you already obtained a Street Tree Planting Permit, please include a copy with your application.
If you do not have a permit, OCF will obtain one for you.

    OPTION 1 Submit by Email (fastest)

Please note: You MUST have Adobe Reader/Acrobat (download here) and a
desktop email program such as Apple Mail or Outlook.

 Step 1:   Download the application

 Step 2:   Fill it out completely and click on the signature check-boxes to sign it

 Step 3:   Click on the large "Submit" button to email it

If you have any questions, please contact us at 408-998-7337 x121.




    OPTION 2:  Submit by Fax, Mail, or In-person

 Step 1:  
Download the application and open it using a PDF Viewer.
                 If you need a PDF viewer, download Adobe Reader here

 Step 2:   Fill it out completely, sign it, and send it by fax, mail or email:

fax: 408-998-1078
mail or in-person: 1590 Las Plumas Avenue
San Jose, CA 95133
scan and email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 408-998-7337 x121.



Additional Languages:

Click on the application of your launguage below. and use the instructions above to submit it. Use the "Language" dropdown button at the top, right hand side of the page to translate this page into your language of choice.

Spanish Tree Grant Application - Aplicación Para Recibir Árboles

Vietnamese Tree Grant Application - Ðỏn Xin Câ’p Cây Xanh


Contact Us

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1590 Las Plumas Ave
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