Chitalpa pink dawn

Chitalpa x tashkentensis
‘Pink Dawn’

Height: 20-30 ft. Width: 20-30 ft. The hybrid Chitalpa is tough with large pink blossoms from Spring to Fall. Rapid-growing with 4-5 inch long narrow leaves. Take care not to overwater.



Tree Species Information

The Right Tree In The Right Place

There's no such thing as a bad tree. Poor planning is the cause of unhappy trees and unhappy tree "owners". A perfectly good tree planted in the wrong spot can make a homeowner regret planting a tree. Also, a perfectly appropriate tree that is not watered deeply or maintained correctly can turn into a sidewalk-eating monster. When a tree is watered properly, both the sidewalk and the tree usually end up in good shape.

To avoid an unhappy tree affair, choose the right tree for the right site. Trees are as varied as people - they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They have different needs; some need more water, more root space, or more room to spread their branches. Choosing a tree is like choosing a life-long friend; you need to do it thoughtfully. The species lists on this page will give you a few ideas. For more information, call Our City Forest at (408) 99-TREES.

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Please Take Note:
Trees available are not limited to these lists.
Though you can request any tree you like; depending on your site, Our City Forest may not be able to provide the tree that you requested.

Before planting a street tree in front of your house, you need to obtain a permit from the City of San Jose. If you choose to request a tree from OCF we will obtain the permit for you.

Click on the links below to access the tree species list of your choice.

Street Trees - This species list includes trees recommended for planting in streetscape settings. Because every site is unique, certain trees from the list could be inappropriate for your street.

NEW! Street Tree Selection Chart - Select your street tree by attribute.
Downloads Tree Chart in pdf format.

Large Shade Trees - Large canopy trees reach at least 50 feet tall. This list includes trees that may be suitable for yards, schools, parks, and open spaces in Santa Clara Valley.


Small Canopy Trees - Small canopy trees grow to a maximum height of less than 35 feet tall when mature. Due to grant funding, Our City Forest can provide a small canopy tree only when there is not room for a large canopy tree.


California Native Trees - Consider a native landscape with these California native species.

You can also visit the Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute website that lists over 1,000 trees including pictures.

Buying A Healthy Tree

If you are buying a tree for your yard, selecting a healthy tree will help you and your tree get off to a good start. It's simple to learn how to be a smart tree buyer. Although nursery trees should meet the standards set by the American Association of Nurserymen, sometimes they do not.


You can download a pdf of the "Guideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality" by clicking here. 1.7 Mb



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