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Join thousands of neighbors who have planted and stewarded trees in their neighborhood! Make the choice to beautify your home or neighborhood today. Our City Forest supplies a wide variety of street and yard trees for neighborhoods, parks, schools, and individuals of San Jose. Getting a tree is quick and easy—just follow the simple steps outlined below! A suggested minimum donation of $20 - $100 per tree will help sustain our program into the future.


• Provides shade and cools the city

• Reduces air pollution and increases oxygen citywide

• Provides habitat for wildlife such as birds

• Decreases energy bills through shade and wind protection

• Raises property value

• Builds community

• Reduces crime

• Decreases noise pollution

 See many more benefits of trees here!




Step 1

mail in app

Tree Grant Application

Apply for a tree!


When you have decided you want a tree, let us know by clicking on the link below and filling out a simple tree grant application! You can apply for a tree(s) for your home, business, park, or school. Our City Forest can provide trees for most public and private properties. Click here for details about these programs.

Our biggest goal in coordinating plantings is bringing the community together in the care and stewardship of trees. Neighborhood plantings are a wonderful opportunity to work together with your neighbors to beautify your neighborhood! Just make a note on your application if you’d like to learn more about helping organize a planting in your neighborhood!


(click here if you need additional instructions)

step2site visit
                        Site Visit     

   The right tree for the right place!


Our City Forest will contact you when we have received your application to let you know the next step.

For most planting requests, a site visit is the next step. Our City Forest’s certified arborist or trained staff team will assess the requested planting location and make a recommendation as to what tree species would perform well at your particular site. Available space, soil moisture, utilities, and your requests are a few of the considerations made to ensure the right tree is always planted in the right place!

After the site visit is complete, an Our City Forest planting coordinator will contact you with species recommendations. If you have applied for a street tree(s), you will find a "T" painted on the curb indicating the recommended planting location(s).



tree selection thumbs


step3 Selecting Your Tree     

Plan before you plant!

There are many things to take into consideration when selecting a tree. To help you with this decision, Our City Forest provides several recommendations for trees that should perform well at your location. If you have a particular tree or characteristic in mind, please include them in your application so we can take them into consideration during the site visit. 

(click here for additional information)



plant your tree
                                  Plant Your Tree!

Learn how to plant for success!

Once you have selected a tree species that the arborist agrees would be suitable for the location, we are ready to schedule a planting date! (A city permit is required to plant a tree, but we will obtain the permit for you!)

Individual Plantings:

Come to the OCF Community Nursery and Training Center to learn how to plant your tree(s) at a 20-30 minute planting demonstration and pick up your trees. You should bring a vehicle large enough to fit your tree(s) (trees can be up to 10 feet tall and canopy 4 feet in diameter), a tarp or bedsheet to cover the canopy of the tree from wind and damage, a large bucket, container, or bag for mulch, and rope to secure your tree. Click here for directions to the Community Nursery and Training Center.

Community Plantings and Special Services:

If you are part of a larger planting and/or you are a senior or person with a disability, we will bring your tree to you on the day of the planting. For these plantings, OCF offers assistance in planting your tree(s). Click here to learn more about our community plantings and special services.  Our Tree Amigo and Volunteer programs usually help with these services.





 Also be sure to check out our Tree Care Pages for properly caring for your tree!


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